Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

There are a few improvements over the Surface Pro 7, but only because the internals have been improved. It appears Microsoft missed an opportunity to make The Surface Pro 7 something special by not including any fixes or improvements that they wanted. Our professional explain Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review so that you can read each and every feature of it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 comes with significant improvements over the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Despite its USB-C port, the Surface Pro 7 does not support Thunderbolt. Furthermore, the battery life is worse than the previous model. A slimmer screen bezel would have been welcome from Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

There’s something special on the horizon, so this update might be a means to tide fans over. Microsoft Surface Pro 8 could become the machine we were hoping for with this model as it addresses all our concerns. The Surface Laptop 4 proves that Microsoft is still capable of making an excellent device. However, with the Surface Pro 7, the price is a bit high, making it difficult to recommend for the whole family. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is also extremely suitable for writers and homeschooling.

Price and Availability

On October 22, Microsoft released the new Surface Pro 7. The Surface Pro 4 starts at $749 / 799 / AU$1,249 as with previous versions. But it does not include the Type Cover or Surface Pen. The laptop includes an Intel Core i3 processor (CPU), 4GB of memory (RAM), and a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD). You can upgrade those points to as much as 16GB or 1TB, respectively. These upgrades are broken down as follows:

The price remains the same as previous versions, but considering buying the accessories separately. Moreover, the entire experience would cost you upwards of 1,000 pounds. Our review model of the Surface Pro 7 typically costs $1,199 in the United States. Microsoft does not provide a Surface Pen or Type Cover with our review sample. If you buy this configuration in the US, you will pay around $1460.

An iPad Pro with 12.9 inches and 256GB of storage will cost around $1,480 in the US. Likewise, Apple is also responsible for selling accessories separately, which forms an integral part of the experience. The pricing of Microsoft’s tablet is not totally out of the left field. So, you are getting a full-fledged mobile computer, but it is egregious nonetheless.


There is no other difference in the Surface Pro 7 from last year’s model other than the USB-C port. Despite its 1.7 pound (770g) weight, the device still measures 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches (292 x 201 x 8.5mm). A matte black matte aluminum finish is still available for the tablet.

There are 2,736 x 1,824 pixels on the screen. The aspect ratio is 3:2. There are no changes to the previous generation’s sharpness, vibrant colors, or responsiveness to touch. Although this specification hasn’t been updated for years. Furthermore, for a tablet at this price point in 2019, the bezels are incredibly thick. Techconsumptions also provides reviews on Engineering, Architecture, Homeschooling, Elderly Parents, and writers laptops.

After two years of releasing practically the same tablet, it is becoming clear that either Microsoft has run out of ideas for the original Surface Pro, which is unlikely, or the company does not care to continue to tweak Surface Pro – except for the Pro X.

Unlike its current Windows phone lineup, Microsoft seems to be more interested in its upcoming dual-screen devices. The Surface Pro 7 is one of the few devices with Thunderbolt 3 support rather than USB-C. With this method, you can get the benefits of Thunderbolt 3, but without its speed.

The absence of Thunderbolt 3 in the Surface Pro 7 makes it even more noticeable that Apple and the overwhelming majority of competitors at similar price points have adopted it. The Apple iPad Pro does not include this feature, but Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro does.

It has now been improved so that Cortana can get better results when you speak to it. But that’s such a slight improvement that it’s hardly worth mentioning. This Type of Cover is also the first to feature Alcantara fabric, which is more robust and appears to be more tightly woven than before. Microsoft claims that this will improve the fabric’s stain resistance.

With deeper travel and a bouncier feel, the Type Cover keyboard delivers a more satisfying typing experience. For those who have used Surface Pro for a while, this will seem like an upgrade, though it might be an adjustment for a time. Nevertheless, the Touchpad of the Type Cover remains unchanged; it remains just as responsive and smooth as it always has been.

As a result, this is the same Surface Pro you’ve been familiar with for years, but with a USB-C port instead of the DisplayPort port you’ve been used to. Wouldn’t it make sense to dump the original USB-A and replace it with a USB-C? It’s anyone’s guess. Surface Pro 7’s design and feel aren’t surprising to us, but many things could have been improved at the same price but weren’t.


There are only a few connections on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 other than its USB-C port. In addition to the USB-C ports, there is a USB-A port (for legacy peripherals), a headphone jack, a microSD card slot, and an onboard charging port on the Surface Pro 3. You also get only a USB 3.1 port and not Thunderbolt 3. So you can’t transfer data at 40GB/s as you would through Thunderbolt 3. We also provide the best recommendation for the Circuit Maker, Automotive Technicians, Court Reporters, Drawing, Law Students, Investment Banking, iTunes, Military Use, Silhouette Cameo.

Security and Durability

The Surface Pro 7+ is a tablet targeted toward businesses, so it should deliver the security and durability professionals need. Some things are missing, although it provides the basics. A webcam with IR allows users to log in via facial recognition via Windows Hello. Using this secure method of biometric authentication, you can easily log in to your system. Surface Pro 7+ does not have a fingerprint sensor, but the Surface Pro Type Cover includes one.

This tablet features a TPM 2.0 security chip, preventing any unapproved use of the data. There is no Intel vPro chip on the Surface Pro 7+ for enhanced security and remote management. I applied light pressure to the Surface Pro 7+ housing and did not hear any creaking. It is an excellent fit and finishes. The product might not have been tested to meet the exact military-grade durability standards, but it still feels sturdy.


When I browsed the web, crunched away at work, or watch videos on the Surface Pro 7, the display looked lush and colored the Surface Pro 7. Moreover, the light meter rated a brightness of 395 nits. It is slightly better than the average laptop, but lower than the Surface Pro 6 (408 nits) and iPad Pro.

Its screen showed sharp and colorful images of Resistance members in flight. Additionally, Rey’s lightsabers and Kylo Ren’s lightsabers pop off the screen due to their bright red and blue colors. As C-3PO delivered a few heartbreaking lines, I could see the Falcon clearly during a space battle scene. According to our color testing, the Pro 7 reproduces 97% of the sRGB color space but not the Pro 6 (135%) or the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (1138).


It’s fine for a Netflix binge or a quick YouTube session, but its speakers are too quiet to immerse yourself in your favorite music and movies. Although Issues’ “Tapping Out” was clear and undistorted, the Pro 7’s speakers were very low in volume and lack of low end. So, it is impossible for me to discern any punch, bass, or drums under the music.

A similar experience was had by Surface Pro 7 while playing Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer. However, the speakers’ low volume didn’t capture the rich strings arrangement, and I couldn’t hear any bass. Despite Swift’s airy vocals, it wasn’t enough to make me hear the bass.

Keyboard, Touchpad, and Pen

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 was tested with its $159 Signature Type Cover. When closed, the cover transforms the Surface Pro 7 into a bona fide laptop while adding a touch of softness. You can also choose from Platinum, Black, and Cobalt Blue Type Covers to customize the slate to match your style. My typing speed at was 103 words per minute and I felt comfortable despite the fast pace.

While my fingers could navigate my 4-inch wide touchpad with ease, the soft-touch wrist rests allowed me to type comfortably. Theron our tests, the Pro 6 (203), again topped the Dell’s 512GB SSD (463), handled about 5GB of files at a decent 267MB per second. There is no Ctrl key to copy, paste, or format on the right side, which annoyed me as I rely on it. The keyboard cover is satisfactory and should come as part of Surface Pro 7 as standard equipment by default.

My Sticky Notes project became much easier to organize with the optional $99 Surface Pen. When I drew in Paint 3D using a virtual pencil, it responded by changing pressure levels based on the pressure I applied. It’s great that the Pen has programmable shortcuts, such as opening Sticky Notes when long-pressed or opening Microsoft Whiteboard when a quick click is performed.


The Surface Pro 7 did not have any problems handling my usual multitasking crunch with its Intel Core i5-1035G4 CPU (10th generation). While running more than a dozen Chrome tabs, streaming live videos on Twitch and YouTube, and using Slack and Google Docs, I did not notice significant slowdowns.

Geekbench 4’s general performance test gave the Pro 7 a score of 17,225. The 8.7 Gen Core i5-powered Pro 6 (13,761) was priced at around the same price as my year-old 12.9-inch iPad Pro. While the Surface Pro 7’s integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics aren’t as good as one of our top gaming laptops, non-intensive games should run on the Surface at decent settings. With the 2-in-1 gaming system, we saw 36 frames per second in Dirt 3, whereas the XPS 13 2-in-1 produced upwards of 47 frames per second.


In addition to basic 3D modeling and older games, the Pro 7+ has incorporated Iris Xe graphics. We found that the tablet is incompatible with graphically demanding apps in our testing. We could not get the game to run at 30 frames per second when we increased the resolution to the native 2736 x 1824 resolution. On the 1080p test, the Surface Pro 7+ performed better than its competitor, the ThinkPad X12 Detachable (12 frames/s), but not even close to the laptop average (28 frames/s).


There are not many better webcams on laptops or tablets than the 5-megapixel camera on the Surface Pro 7+. My selfie taken at my dimly lit office was sharp and accurately colored so that you could see my rosy skin and my hair’s subtle blonde hue. Although visual noise was present, I don’t need to recommend our best webcam page for the first time since I did this.

The Surface Pro 7+ features a camera with 8 megapixels that make decent photos. It’s better to use your smartphone to take photographs, not just because the images will be better. But so that people won’t be surprised when you hold up a 12.3-inch tablet.

Battery Life

In our Surface Pro 7 review, we highlighted one of the weak points as battery life, but the Pro 7+’s battery life is much improved. Microsoft lists no specific battery capacity, but the device is advertised as lasting up to 15 hours per charge. A significant improvement over the standard Pro 7’s claimed 10.5 hours. With a 720p video looped on my laptop, I recorded just over 13 hours, an excellent result compared with most others.

With the brightness set to 120 nits, It isn’t necessarily indicative of real-world usage. Moreover, it provides a working system that can handle an entire 8-hour workday without a plugin. It also boasts impressive charging capabilities, though don’t expect smartphone-level speeds. If you forgot to charge the Pro 7+ overnight and plugged it in while eating breakfast, you would have at least a few hours of use.

Using the Surface Connect cable while charging can prove to be a somewhat awkward experience because of Microsoft’s insistence on using the proprietary cable. A highly unusual placement by traditional laptop standards, this port can be found on the bottom right of the device. The cable can quickly get in your way if your power connection is to the left of where you are sitting.

Software and Warranty

Although less impressive than its Pro predecessor, the Surface Pro 7+ runs Windows 10 Pro and has a few unrivaled first-party apps. It features the Microsoft Whiteboard, which lets team members collaborate via drawing. Moreover, the “Surface” is an app that shows the details of your tablet and allows you to change the settings for accessories, the Pen, and the SIM & Data card. Further, you can run a diagnostic test using a Surface Diagnostic Toolkit app.

Microsoft Teams, Office, the Xbox Game Bar, and Skype for Business are also included on the tablet. Other Windows 10 favorites, including Your Phone and Office, are also included. There is a one-year warranty available for the Surface Pro 7+. See how Microsoft ranked in our Best and Worst Brand Rankings and technical support showdown.

Final Verdict

In addition to delivering solid performance and display quality, the Surface Pro 7 also features a durable convertible design enhanced by the excellent Type Cover keyboard. With USB-C, the Pro 7 brings a welcome change, while the procedure is as travel-friendly as ever. In this Microsoft surface pro 7 review article, we have explained every feature comprehensively.

Because of chunky bezels and few improvements since last year’s Surface Pro, the Surface Pro looks dated compared to the competition. Android fans can pick up the Galaxy Tab S7 if they are cool with iOS; iOS fans can choose the iPad Pro 2020.

There is little to no difference in battery life between the Surface Pro 7 and the Surface Pro 6, which can still be had for a reasonable price at many top retailers. The Surface Pro 7 still offers most of what matters when it comes to being the fastest Surface Pro currently available. However, if you are willing to consider some alternatives, you will get better battery life.

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