HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously No Display

HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously No Display

Blinking caps lock shows that your laptop is suffering with the air vents problem or your laptop’s battery is not working properly or battery is not attached at all. There might be a reason that your charger is damage and not working properly that damage your laptop or voltage is not fully delivered through the power outlet. Your HP laptop battery might not be charged if your caps lock blinks.

The charger may be faulty resulting in damage to your laptop or the power outlet may be low voltage causing the laptop to be damaged. You have a problem with your power supply if your HP laptop doesn’t turn on and your caps lock and power button blink continuously. You have an issue with the power supply, but the power button is also blinking, meaning you need to replace the battery. A battery replacement may not always be necessary; instead, a power issue may be the culprit.

HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously No Display

The caps lock on your HP laptop blinks continuously for several reasons. The embedded controller might not work correctly, the BIOS may not load or the graphics may not be initialized. Your charger may be faulty and damage your laptop or your power outlet. In addition, a power failure, inability to detect CPU, CPU overheating or GPU overheating may cause the problem. In addition, a wrong BIOS may cause the problem.

Reasons Why HP Laptop Caps Lock Light Keep Blinking Continuously

A few reasons may be causing the caps lock and number lock on your HP laptop to blink continuously.

Faulty Charger

You can damage your laptop significantly if your charger is faulty. You will damage your HP laptop if you use an old or faulty charger. The voltage will not deliver properly or low voltage will deliver that suffer you in blinking caps lock problem You must replace the other charger immediately if it was not included with your HP charger (Amazon).


The caps lock is not flashing twice or three times on your HP laptop because your laptop is overheating. You must check the laptops fan twice before going to the repairing shop as it working properly or not. The issue can occur if the vent fan isn’t working correctly or dust clogs the vents. You can determine whether a fan operates by placing your ear near the fan. The fan is malfunctioning if it fails to run or makes an inconsistent sound. You can also purchase a cooling fan externally.

Inconsistent Power Supply

Your laptop’s keyboard light could also blink if your outlet does not provide a consistent power supply. To determine if there is a problem with the laptop or the power outlet, you might want to use your charger with another power outlet.

How To Fix HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously Black Screen

Power off Your HP Laptop

To fix your laptop, the first step is to shut it down as the issue is with the software not the hardware. Shutting down your computer will make it easy to remove its hardware. It will cause additional damage to your computer if you remove any item without turning it off.

Remove Your Laptop Battery

The 2nd step is removing the battery from your HP laptop to view the leading cause of the caps lock on your HP laptop blinking continuously. A laptop’s battery must be removed to be repaired (Amazon).

Remove Laptop’s RAM

In the third step, you will remove your HP laptop’s RAM. It is as follows:

  • By unscrewing the laptop from the back, you can access it
  • so you can remove the memory modules
  • you want to clean

Remove The WiFi Card Cables

You need to disconnect and keep separated the Wi-Fi cards connected to the laptop’s wireless adapter.

Reinsert RAM and WiFi Card Cables

Your computer will now need to have all your RAMs reinstalled and the Wi-Fi card cables connected correctly. The RAM and cables need to be blown out and the dust removed before insertion.

Hold Your Laptop Power Button

You will need hard reset your HP laptop in the sixth step. Then it would help if you released the power button after holding it for 40 seconds.

Turn on the HP Laptop

After you have completed all the above steps correctly, turn on your HP laptop. If you followed the above instructions correctly, the cap lock on your HP laptop would stop blinking continuously.

Alternative Solutions For HP Laptop Caps Blinking

If your laptop is blinking after you have followed all the above steps, you should follow the steps below.

Reset Bios

  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi cable and the Wi-Fi card connections
  • Connect the Wi-Fi cable and turn on the Wi-Fi on all the devices you removed previously before starting your laptop

Check Air Vents

If your laptop’s air vents don’t work, you will have to check them. You can accomplish this by putting your ear close to the vents and listening to the fan’s voice. It is also possible to test the fan by bringing your hand close to it and feeling whether it is running or not. You may have a damaged fan and your laptop may overheat in that case.

Replace HP Laptop Charger

A lousy laptop charger can cause blinking or flashing. This may occur when your charger is sending the wrong voltage. A new power socket may be necessary.

Frequently Asked Question

Why does my Caps Lock light keep flashing?

Your computer may be overheating or the air vent inside your laptop may be blocked with dust.

How Do I Fix My HP CAPS LOCK Blinking?

The issue can be resolved by hard resetting your laptop. Your laptop’s battery, RAM and WLAN cables must be disconnected first. In addition to cleaning the air vents on your laptop, you should also blow out any dust that may have accumulated there.

How Do I Turn Off The Flashing Light On My HP Laptop?

After disconnecting your batteries and charger, hold your power button for 30 seconds.

Final Words

If the caps lock on your HP laptop is blinking continuously, you must first remove the battery and then the RAM. Then you must hold both the power and volume buttons simultaneously for 40 to 60 seconds. Start the laptop after reinstalling the RAM and battery. A new motherboard may be necessary if the problem persists.

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