Best Motherboards For i9 9900K

Best Motherboards For i9 9900K

Almost all parts of a computing system are attached to the motherboard. A good power design motherboard can help you overclock an unlocked processor to new heights. To maximize the performance of the Intel i9 9900K, we have listed some of the Best Motherboards for i9 9900K.

All these motherboards are highly recommended from the World’s biggest motherboards experts and our team personally tested it before presenting it to you.

Therefore, this is an excellent investment for gaming. Our list below contains the best Motherboards that you can purchase for using the i9 9900K processor.

Best Motherboards For i9 9900K 2022

Intel’s most recent two generations are based on a new platform, making this the last high-end processor based on the LGA1151 Socket. Make sure the Motherboard you purchase has an LGA1151 socket if you plan to buy an i9 9900K.

Unlike the two previous generations of Intel processors that supported the LGA1151 socket, this processor does not help since the last two generations are unique.

MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390 – Best Gaming Motherboard For i9

9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: MSI
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Dimension: 12 x 10.7 x 1.2 inches

A gaming powerhouse and probably the most popular, this motherboard is loaded with features. The Intel i9 9900K has an 18 Phase Power Design VRM that delivers exceptional performance, allowing you to overclock it to new limits.

There is support for 128GB of memory and an overclocking speed of 4400MHz. It appears that the PCB of this Motherboard is gray, with a black surface. Motherboards are primarily covered in heatsinks on top. In addition to six SATA6 ports, the MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390 features three M.2 slots for memory and wireless units.

The rear I/O panel on the tablet also has three USB 3.2 Type-A ports, one USB 3.1 Type-A port, and a few USB 2.0 ports. It includes 4GB of DDR4 RAM, a 120GB SSD, and integrated Wi-Fi and RGB lighting.

You can install a wide variety of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards on this motherboard because it has four PCIe x16 slots. Moreover, the illusions of infinite light are created by the infinity mirror and colored light in Mystic Light Infinity.

In conclusion, we have assessed the specification of this motherboard, and now we will explore its cons. Despite the motherboard’s quality, Coffee Lake processors are still too expensive for most consumers. This motherboard also lacks an Ethernet port with 10GBPS which is expected for a product of this price.

E-ATX motherboards require total tower cases otherwise, you may run into compatibility problems. The same features are available at some cheaper options if you are unable to afford this motherboard.

  • Beautifully designed
  • Build with premium material
  • Some USB ports are available
  • There are 18 phases in the VRM
  • There is a high price for this product

Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Xtreme – Best Motherboard For i9-9900K

9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Gigabyte
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 2.99 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 x 12.25 x 5.08 inches

Several things set this motherboard apart from the rest. Z390 Arous Xtreme is characterized by an extremely high level of performance coupled with flawless integration. This gaming booster comes with a USB turbocharger for fast charging portable devices. The two slots will also support PCIe 3.0e and PCIe 4.0.

Modern PCIe 4.0 modules can also support more modern SSDs and graphics cards and support data transfer rates of 16Gbps. The result is unprecedented speed. In addition to these eight-pin CPU connectors, The motherboard provides sufficient resources for overclocking.

It is very well suited for those extreme and rugged gaming sessions due to its 16-phase digital VRM cooling system. VRM temperatures are kept under control even if you push the configuration hard.

There are two RGB LED strips mounted on the board, along with two LED strip headers. Aorus’ RGB fan commander is also included with the board. The controller hub allows you to connect additional headers and strips for RGB lighting.

This motherboard has 4 DIMM slots, each holding up to 128 GB of RAM running at 4400MHz. In general, gaming enthusiasts will enjoy this Z390 chipset for its aesthetic design. A matte black PCB is surrounded by gun metallic heat sinks and tops and a flat black housing.

It features RGB lighting that is divided into four zones. A Gigabyte RGB Fusion software program can be used to customize your lighting setup further. The motherboard here is only supposed to be used with ATX form factors.

  • The memory support is up to 128GB @ 4400MHz
  • Overclocking support
  • RGB Lighting Customizable
  • The cooling of the VRMs is excellent
  • Charger for USB devices
  • The ATX form factor is the only one supported
  • BIOS with many features

MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151 – Best Motherboard For Intel i9 9900K

9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: MSI
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 3.53 ounces
  • Dimensions: 12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

We would not consider the MSI Z390-A motherboard an understatement if we called it the best entry-level motherboard for the i9-9900k. There are 4 DIMM slots on the motherboard with a maximum capacity of 64GB and a clock speed of 4400 Mhz. This specific VRM features an extended heatsink, providing adequate cooling to dissipate excess heat.

A large number of I/O ports can be found at the back. Even a USB-C connector and USB 3.1 are included in the I/O ports. This device looks good aesthetics-wise. The PCB is a nice brown color with coffee metallics, but the gun metallic finish is not there. There is a lack of RGB or LED lighting on this motherboard which would complement the aesthetics of your next gaming computer.

Only one M.2 slot is available on the motherboard, which hinders its performance. Those looking for expandable storage will see this as a disaster. The PCIe NVME SSDs can be connected to them. Two sockets with up to 32 Gbps transfer speeds.

In addition to being somewhat limited for overclocking results given its price point, this motherboard offers excellent performance. A micro-ATX form factor is the only way to install this motherboard.

  • It supports 64GB of RAM running at 4400MHz
  • Cooling system for VRMs
  • Exceptional value
  • The microATX form factor is the only compatible one
  • LED lighting is not available

ASUS Prime Z390A – Best i9 9900K Motherboard

9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: ASUS
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 2.23 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.91 x 2.68 x 10.35 inches

The ASUS Prime Z390 motherboard offers a good combination of affordability and features. It includes all of the essential components at the lowest cost. A new 5-Way Optimization based on smart prediction and thermal telemetry is intelligent and allows overclocking of a CPU. A motherboard like this one is the best value for money. This computing platform delivers high-performance and customizable styles with Intel Core processors from the 9th generation.

Combined dual M.2 and USB 3.1 Gen2 have maximum transferring speeds, and 5 Way Optimization offers AI overclocking capabilities. RGB addressable headers offer customizable lighting effects.

On the motherboard, DDR4 RAM is supported up to 64GB at a speed of 4266 MHz. A total of four DIMMs are available. Two M.2 slots are on board for storage. Intel Optane Ready chips enable these slots to swap data at a rate of 32 Gbps.

Thermal pads are ideal for these slots since they spread heat more efficiently. There are USB C and USB 3.1 connectors on this motherboard. There is also a superior cooling system to most of its rivals. The chipset and the M2 slots each have their heat sinks and heat shields. Seven fans are also included.

This board is compliant with Asus’ Aura Sync standard. Colors can therefore be synchronized across the RGB components. The RGB Strips have an aesthetic appeal. They are silver shields with a black PCB. A few downsides include the lack of an addressable RGB connector and a protective backplate.

  • The processor supports 64 GB RAM at 4266 MHz.
  • Overclocking friendly
  • Compliant with AURA from Asus
  • M.2 slots on both sides
  • There is no protection for the backplate
  • Connector providing RGB addresses is missing

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus – Best Z390 Motherboard For i9 9900K

9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: MSI
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 1.52 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

The next best motherboard for i9 9900K is the MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus. It provides access to the most current i9-9900k processors and the latest RTX 2080ti graphics cards, making it ideal for gamers.

Essentially, MSI’s goal with the Z390 motherboard is to provide all the features needed in the modern gaming arena. Despite its low price point, the Z390 offers impressive quality. There are dual M.2 ports built into Intel’s Optane Ready motherboard. SSDs utilizing Intel’s Optane Technology can transmit data at rates around 32Gbps across each one.

There is no heat dissipation between them. It supports up to 64GB of DDR 4 memory overclocked to 4.4 GHz through dual-channel memory slots. 6 PCIe slots are available on the motherboard, including two x16 PCIe slots. A metallic shield surrounds the first PCIe 16x slot. The AMD Crossfire does not work on PCIe slots, but SLI does.

There can only be one NVidia graphic card in a system. Crossfire from AMD allows two AMD graphic cards to run optimally together. In terms of the I/O housing, MSI has included a heat sink that extends above the module, which is quite impressive for heat elimination. 7 PWM fans are accessible from within the chipset.

The PWM connector on one of these even has a water pump, which is perfect for custom water cooling builds. 4 USB 3.1 2nd gen ports can transfer data at 5Gb/s. A stereo audio input is also included as well as HDMI and DVI inputs.

There are only two LED strips on MSI’s motherboard with no RGB lighting, which could have been better. Furthermore, the chipset features two RGB connectors so that gamers can enhance their aesthetic appeal.

  • A 64 GB RAM module at 4400MHz is available
  • A crossfire compatible AMD graphics card
  • Module heat sink integrated with I/O
  • M.2 slots on both sides
  • It is not possible to use NVidia SLI
  • The RGB connector can’t be addressed

MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge – Best Motherboard For 9900K

9.9/10 Our Score
  • Brand: MSI
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

MSI Performance Gaming Lineup’s Gaming Edge aims to take advantage of the Micro-ATX form factor of the 390M. This motherboard offers Gaming Plus’s same features and enhanced performance to run the Intel i9900k at optimal stock speed.

In addition to supporting up to 64GB of RAM, AMD Radeon R9 380X can overclock to 4400Mhz. With dual-channel memory, overclocking sessions are stable for lengthy periods. The motherboard includes two twin-turbo M.2 slots. This motherboard features the same Intel Optane technology as Gaming Plus.

Moreover, the Optane from Intel can support 32Gbp. It requires higher bandwidth for high-performance data transfer. Although this motherboard offers two M.2 slots, it does not provide a separate bandwidth gateway for them. SATA ports on these motherboards share bandwidth with M.2 slots.

There are three USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectors, six USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectors on this board, and two USB Type-C connectors. If possible, I/O shields should also be protected by heatsink covers.

For performance-hungry enthusiasts looking for additional cooling, there are two PWM headers and five DC fans headers. When overclocking to extremes, the 4-pin connector of the water pump delivers some significant cooling.

Featuring 6 PCIe slots, the two primary PCIe slots can accommodate dual graphic cards, offering 16 times the bandwidth. In addition, the motherboard provides gaming enthusiasts with dual NVidia or AMD cards compatibility, so they can play together with two graphics cards.

When fitted with just a single RGB led strip, the motherboard still appears elegant. In addition, the motherboard offers LED headers that can function as RGB and addressable RGB. In turn, gamers looking for the best gaming PC will find enough customization options.

  • A 64 GB RAM module at 4400MHz is available
  • Crossfire and SLI compatible
  • Heat sink with extended surface
  • Headers for RGB as well as addressable RGB
  • Micro-ATX forms the only form factor compatible
  • SATA ports and M.2 slots share bandwidth

GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS ULTRA – Good Motherboard For i9 9900K

9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Gigabyte
  • Weight: 2.99 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.58 x 11.57 x 3.14 inches

The company was not able to surpass other competitors until the release of its AORUS Z390 ULTRA. This VRM phase is 12+1, so it can work well with the i9-9900K. The i9 9900k processor from Intel is overclockable.

Overclocking causes heat without a doubt. Thus, it offers nearly the entire set of suitable heat dissipation features you may expect in a Z390 motherboard. There are two heat sinks for the power-hungry components. The MOSFET heatsinks and heat pipes are connected to achieve maximum heat dissipation.

In addition, It offers triple M2 slots, and it focuses on storage. An NVMe drive and heat sink are the best that can be obtained for each place. It has three PCIe sockets, each of which supports x16, x8, and x4. Having the highest bandwidth, which is x16, and metallic support protection is the primary socket.

Up to 64GB of DDR4 4133MHz RAM can be installed in its four DIMM slots. There are two Thunderbolt SATA ports on the I/O side of the machine, each with a bandwidth of 6Gbps. The device also has four USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and a fast 1.73Gbps CNVi Wi-Fi antenna.

This motherboard only features one HDMI output, which is its major drawback. The motherboard cannot support additional displays. The reason for this is that modern video games do not use integrated graphics anymore.

Dedicated thermal sensors are also available to ensure adequate cooling during those rugged sessions for extreme gamers on the board. Here, it is worth mentioning how beautiful the motherboard looks with RGB LEDs spread throughout. This motherboard stands out from its RGB lighting on its front shields to the RGB strip on the back panel.

  • Twelve plus one VRM phase
  • A triple M.2 slot
  • Great potential for overclocking
  • Designing Aesthetically
  • DisplayPort
  • Primary PCIe is the only one with metallic reinforcement

Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING – Best Intel i9 Motherboard

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: ASUS
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 3.03 x 10.75 inches

In addition to overclocking the Core i9-9900K, the ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming offers features in the mid-range. It faces fierce competition from pricier competitors that aim to balance the price difference.

By improving RGB and the user interface, Asus fills in some of the gaps. Among its most significant achievements is that it can overclock as well as its more expensive competitors. Its design and architecture make it an excellent gaming motherboard. In the back panel cover of the Z390-E, the color scheme is predominantly RGB, primarily gray and black.

You can build NVIDIA SLI 2-way and AMD CrossfireX 3-way gaming rigs with this Motherboard and create a solid single-card computer or monster multi-GPU system. Additional expansion cards such as sound cards and RAID controllers can be inserted into the three x PCIe 3.0 x1 slots.

With this motherboard, you’ll be able to build NVIDIA SLI 2-way gaming systems or AMD CrossfireX 3-way gaming systems as well as build excellent single-card systems and beastly multi-GPU systems.

The expansion cards provide 3 x PCIe 3.0 x1 slots, including those used by dedicated sound cards and RAID controllers. It is capable of overclocking Intel Core i9-9900K processors up to 5.2GHz under the large VRM heatsink. Using DrMOS power stages requires the use of components that provide reliability and performance.

This board runs on an 8-pin 12V power supply. It is a powerful motherboard compatible with i9 9900k. The ROG STRIX Z390-E’s excellent styling, two M.2 slots with heatsinks, a Digi+ VRM with 10-phases, and the support for 4266MHz DDR4 memory give it our stamp of approval.

Suppose you choose an Intel Processor for a high-end gaming system. Thus, it is evident that the Z390-E Gaming has an excellent performance that dominates the mid-range and dominates it as a whole.

  • Fast memory support for 4266MHz!
  • Gray and black make an excellent color scheme.
  • A superb mid-range motherboard for the Z390 platform
  • With many overclocking functions, this BIOS is strong
  • Little bit pricey

Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero – Cheap Motherboard For i9 9900K

9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: ASUS
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Dimensions: 14.57 x 4.25 x 12.28 inches

While overclocking marginally better than most of its competitors, this motherboard still faces the same price criticism previously associated with Gigabyte’s Z390 Aorus Master. The council offers many of the same features as boards, costing roughly 10 percent less.

It’s just a matter of features determining whether Asus or Gigabyte are the best, while those who don’t care about brands can find better deals elsewhere. While its siblings have more features, the A Maximus remains one of Asus’ top-of-the-line Republic Of Gamers models.

In addition to the enhanced PCIe x16 slots, we get a voltage regulator adjustment and firmware improvements to make overclocking easier. Also, we get two M.2 SSD heat spreaders. Performance was pretty good, but memory reliability wasn’t the best. The memory pack appears to run at higher clock speeds on other boards.

While ASUS gets significant points for the measures it takes to make overclocking easier, ASUS gets extra points for the aids it provides. With one of the most robust BIOSes in the industry, ASUS has plenty of features to keep even the most committed enthusiasts engaged.

Asus isn’t able to compete with its key ASRock rival in terms of onboard functionality and networking. It is still a robust enough system to handle the vast majority of builds. It’s also cheaper without wireless, and tests consistently show that it’s better than the ASRock. It is a well-balanced and efficient method of controlling various types of systems.

With its performance very close to Gigabyte’s closest rivals, the Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero performs well in comparison. For those who want to find the best deal, look for even better deals, while enthusiasts can choose based on the differences between the two brands.

  • A unique, extra-value feature by Asus
  • Motherboard with class-leading efficiency
  • Overclocking pro
  • Occasionally, a bit pricier

MSI MEG Z390 ACE – Best Gaming Motherboard For i9 9900K

9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: MSI
  • RAM: DDR4
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

MSI engineered its high-end competitor to be highly connected and highly functional despite its objective to compete. The MSI motherboard is equipped with eight USB 3.1 ports, three M.2 slots, four RGB headers, and wireless networking.

The program includes overclocking and troubleshooting features as well. In addition to CMOS keys, onboard LEDs for diagnosis, debug code readers, and hardware monitoring sensors also have a BIOS flashback function.

Additionally, MSI could enter the market lower or at comparable prices than many of its competitors. While overclocking was pretty good with the MSI Z390 ACE, Game Boost profiles at the upper end of the range were unreasonable. In our testing, we’re able to clock the CPU at 5.0GHz.

Although this board has plenty of headroom for those looking to push their 8th generation processors past 5.0 GHz, maintaining the lowest possible core temperatures is the most crucial factor in this endeavor. The default solder thermal interface material should perform better with the 9900 K.

  • Extensive overclocking features
  • The audio quality is excellent
  • Strong enough to push Core i9-9900K to its limits
  • Silver and black color scheme
  • Wireless AC Onboard
  • Integrated graphics do not have video outputs.

Buying Guide For the Best Motherboard For Intel i9 9900k

The motherboard is integral to any good PC build. You can use your system’s other components more efficiently, depending on the motherboard. The optimum CPU for gaming computers should have excellent single-core performance. The Intel Core i9 9900K is one such great option. Our article has already recommended a few i9 9900K motherboards.

Form Factor

The performance of Intel Core i9 9900K processors is unaffected by the form factor of your motherboard. An appropriate motherboard will fit inside your computer cabinet if the cabinet is the right size. A motherboard that is designed for ATX cabinets is an ATX motherboard.

In addition, you should also consider other sizes like EATX, ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX. Even though you can get multiple connectivity options from large boards such as the EATX and ATX, some of you might benefit from mini ITX boards.


Buying the correct motherboard for your processor is essential. A CPU is connected to a motherboard by a socket. The AMD processor has been no longer available since the 9th gen Intel i9. If you are buying a motherboard, therefore, make sure its CPU socket is LGA 1151. A motherboard with the LGA 1151 socket can be used to install the software.


A high-performance motherboard is essential, but you should also check your motherboard’s connectivity options to guarantee the best possible performance out of your processor. This is because input devices, output devices, and computer components all need to connect to your computer.

Multi-port motherboards are highly versatile since they provide multiple options for connectivity. There are also slots for RAM, M.2 and other connectivity options in addition to USB type C and USB 10 Gbps ports.

PCI-e and Expansion Slots

Your computer would also benefit from a graphics card in addition to a lot of RAM. PCI-e slots are available on the motherboard for mounting them. Most Intel Core i9 motherboards offer multiple expansion slots to support these cards since they require PCI-e spaces to work. Other expansion cards, such as sound cards, store cards, and network cards, may be preferred by some users.


The socket that a Core i9 processor uses on the motherboard can also be installed on a computer. You must make sure the motherboard socket and the processor socket match. They are compatible with Intel’s Core i9 9900K CPU because they use the LGA1151 socket.


Three different form factors are available for motherboards and cases so you can build the PC you want. If there is no space restriction, you can create the setup in its full size. If you plan to install your personal computer in your room, you can use a Micro ATX or Mini ITX chassis to save space. The ATX motherboards typically feature more features than their micro or mini ITX counterparts. The form factor should be carefully considered when choosing a motherboard.


RAM is the final storage of temporary information, which enables games and applications to function smoothly. For gaming, quick information stored in RAM is more important than processing computations on the processor. Nowadays, high memory requirements are standard in games and applications.

Be sure that the motherboard you choose supports the amount of memory. Your PC must keep the amount of memory. You will likely notice these designations when selecting a motherboard, such as DDR3 3200 MHz or DDR4 4200 MHz. Speed and generation of memory are indicated.


SSDs are a standard storage media for modern PCs because they have fast speeds. Therefore, you need a motherboard with the ability to handle multiple storage types. In contrast to entry-level motherboards, which offer SATA ports for storage, the newer NVMe ports offer lightning-fast PCIe connections. If you need to use storage, consider your motherboard’s number and type of ports before purchasing.


You must choose a motherboard with a compatible chipset before purchasing an Intel Core i9 processor. To support Intel’s Core i9, a motherboard must be able to help it. Therefore, the boards listed above all use the Z390 chipset. You can overclock both the processor and the memory, according to your needs.

PCIe Connectors

Choosing your motherboard based on these features will help you maximize its performance. Firstly, make sure it supports PCIe. In a PCIe slot, you can have a maximum number and speed of graphic cards at once. As modern graphics cards are often quite heavy, most of them should also be reinforced with metal.


Known as the BIOS, your motherboard’s chipset houses its small operating system. You should keep this updated for optimal performance, system stability and enjoyment of all the latest features. To check if the support website of your motherboard is regularly updated, you can go to the site.


If you are buying a motherboard, be sure that the warranty is included. Almost all motherboards for the i9 9900K come with a 3-year warranty.


You usually do not have to install any additional wireless or Bluetooth cards in modern motherboards, as they are built-in features. Always add these features if you need them right from the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the i9 9900K good for RTX 3090?

This graphics card has admirable overclocking potential. Sure, the RTX 3090 will be bottlenecked by Intel’s Core i9-9900K. With all of the cores working together, it reaches a boost clock of 5.00GHz.

Is the i9 9900K compatible with Z490?

To use the 9th Gen CPU, you need a motherboard with the Intel Z390 chipset or the Intel Z370 chipset (if the bios have been updated). The device is a Z490 motherboard. The socket is LGA 1151 on the 9900K. Physically, this socket does not fit.

Is 32GB RAM overkill?

Generally speaking, 16GB is plenty of memory for gaming, and you can get by just fine with 8GB. For a typical user, 32GB is only necessary if they want to be prepared for the future.

Final Words

You should also consider getting a motherboard that is compatible with the Intel Core i9 9900K in addition to the high-end processor. Furthermore, a good motherboard would allow you to overclock efficiently. We already listed a few good motherboards for the i9 9900K up above. Detailed information is provided along with the high-end motherboards.

Hopefully, after reading the comprehensive buying guide, picking up the right Intel Core i9 motherboard will be accessible. When it comes to choosing the best motherboard for the Intel i9 9900K, consider the following recommendations:

  • Gigabyte’s Aorus Pro Z390 board can be a viable option if you need a regular desktop or PC motherboard on a budget. Despite being one of the cheapest options, it comes with WiFi connectivity, dual M.2 slots, four memory slots, USB type C, and more. A 3-year warranty also covers this Gigabyte ATX motherboard.
  • The ROG Maximus XI motherboard is among the best workstation motherboards for the i9 9900K as an alternative to the ROG Maximus IX. In addition to providing excellent overclocking results, this motherboard is also very stable. There are many connectivity features in this high-end motherboard, such as four memory slots, dual M.2 slots, Wi-Fi, high-speed USB, and more.
  • Asus’s ROG Strix Z390 motherboard offers excellent value for money for gamers looking for a high-performance motherboard.

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